Saturday, 5 March 2016

Making Our Writing Interesting

The Skittles tasted like a strawberry. When I put it in my mouth I liked the Skittle because it tasted like goodies. I wished that I had another one but there was none.

By Samuel

Bouncy Castle
When I went to a bouncy castle I did a humungous front flip and I landed on my bottom. I bounced up and then I did a face plant. I got a rash on my face. It stung!

By Taran

It felt sticky as sticky. It smelled like fresh mint. I popped it in my mouth and sucked it for a bit. After a while there was a burst of flavour. It could have been the Skittle or something very different.

By Sebastian

When you hold a Skittle for a long time it feels icky. I tasted raspberry in my Skittle. My Skittle is red. It makes your slobber tasty. The Skittle has a ‘s’ on it. I felt it in my hand. I love Skittles.

By Kayla

One day I tasted a Skittles. It tasted like a strawberry. It was yummy too. When it dropped on my skin it looked like a piece of paint.

By Audrey

Mmmmm, yum we got one Skittle each. I had a yellow smooth one. I put it in my mouth. Cool, it surfed around in my mouth. Yum, I chomped into it. Yum it was a lemon one. I squidged my face. It was mega SOUR! My brain mixed up my taste buds.

By Seraphina

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