Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Quick Discovery

We had a quick discovery today as we were heading to Wakefield Pool for a swimming session.
We really enjoyed using the magnets to move around the cars, making cards, balancing balloons and building with the blocks.

Rocky Shore Creatures Visit Hope School

John Campbell; from the Nelson Museum; came out to Hope School with a small collection of rock pool creatures from Cable Bay. We learned how we should handle the creatures safely when we visit on Friday. 
John also shared how Cable Bay got its name. There was a cable connected from Australia to Cable Bay' which allowed people to start sending telegrams. They also used morse code. We had a go using morse code with some of the equipment John brought in.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Making Our Writing Interesting

The Skittles tasted like a strawberry. When I put it in my mouth I liked the Skittle because it tasted like goodies. I wished that I had another one but there was none.

By Samuel

Bouncy Castle
When I went to a bouncy castle I did a humungous front flip and I landed on my bottom. I bounced up and then I did a face plant. I got a rash on my face. It stung!

By Taran

It felt sticky as sticky. It smelled like fresh mint. I popped it in my mouth and sucked it for a bit. After a while there was a burst of flavour. It could have been the Skittle or something very different.

By Sebastian

When you hold a Skittle for a long time it feels icky. I tasted raspberry in my Skittle. My Skittle is red. It makes your slobber tasty. The Skittle has a ‘s’ on it. I felt it in my hand. I love Skittles.

By Kayla

One day I tasted a Skittles. It tasted like a strawberry. It was yummy too. When it dropped on my skin it looked like a piece of paint.

By Audrey

Mmmmm, yum we got one Skittle each. I had a yellow smooth one. I put it in my mouth. Cool, it surfed around in my mouth. Yum, I chomped into it. Yum it was a lemon one. I squidged my face. It was mega SOUR! My brain mixed up my taste buds.

By Seraphina