Sunday, 23 February 2014

Discovery Writing

 Marble Rolling

The Marbles went side to side…BOOM, CRASH! The marbles went across like a rainbow, it was beautiful.

By Olivia

  Paper Weaving

At Discovery I made paper weaving and it was fun because it was VERY COLOURFUL!

By Sari


I made a space ship out of Klicco. It went click clack.
By Dylan


When I first got to the woodwork and started hammering my bank the wood started to scream and it really hurt my ears. Then I hammered a piece of wood in the hammering place and I had to use the hammer to get the nail out but instead I accidentally broke it in half.

By Bella


Me and Rae were playing with the magnets and they all fell down.

By Raphael

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Let the Fun Begin 2014

Welcome back to our Room 4 blog. 

We have had a very busy week learning new routines and sharing information about ourselves. We look forward to sharing our learning with you throughout the year.

Check out the fun things we did during 'discovery time' this week. Our focus was on managing ourselves, particularly thinking about the choices we made.

First Discovery 2014 on PhotoPeach