Sunday, 31 May 2015

Our Acrostic Poems


Likes to run fast

Up I like to jump

Carefully does his work

At school I like playing with friends

Summer is my favourite month

by Lucas

Autumn is here

Under trees are heaps of 
Tired hedgehogs have lots of sleep

Under trees apples are picked up

Mouths are frozen

Next is winter

by Aaron

Aaron gets very cold!

Untidy trees look ugly

Trees are losing their leaves

Under leaves tired hedgehogs rest

My mum cooks nice warm teas

Next season is winter

by Makayla

April is in Autumn

Up in the trees leaves are changing 

Trees are naked

Under trees are leaves

Mum tidies the garden

Night is getting colder


No is short for Noah!

October is my birthday month

At school I play with friends

Happy food for me is icecream!


Basketball is fun

Apples are yummy

Ice cream is sweet

Licking ice blocks is yummy

Emily is my funny sister

Yoghurt is yum yum!

by Harry

April is in Autumn

Under the bush are hedgehogs

Trees are bare

Up the trees I climb

Mum cleans the garden

No leaves on the trees

by Chloe

Apples get ready to be picked

Under the leaves animals hide

The leaves turn different colours

Ugly leaves are rotting

My mum tidies the garden

Next comes Winter

by Kayden

Anzac is in Autumn

Under trees are leaves

The rotting leaves under trees

Untidy trees

March is an Autumn month

Naked trees


Kayla’s slippers are cool!

At school I like to play

Yucky like scrambled eggs

Lots of things I don’t like

Apples are yummy

by Dresden

Anzac day

Ugly bare trees

Trees leaves change

Under trees I like to play

Mountains covered in snow

Nights are getting cold


Summer is my favourite season

Kayden is my best friend

Yoghurt is my favourite food

Love my mum

And my dad too!

Have long hair

By Seraphina

Apples are tasty

Under the leaves are my feet

Trees are losing leaves

Up the bare tree I climb

Milk is nice hot

Nights are freezing

By Evangeline

Apples scatter

Ugly bare trees

Tiny hedgehogs go to sleep

Ugly rotting leaves

Mountains are covered in snow

No leaves are on the trees


Hunt is short for Hunter

Up the trees I go

Nine is my favourite number

Taran is my best friend

Everywhere is fun for me

Running is my favourite sport


Wyatt is my name

Yoyos are fun

Apples are yum for me

Tickling is fun

Today I did maths

Friday, 22 May 2015

Some writing from Mothers Day

Mothers Day

I didn’t go for a walk in the forest but we gave Mum a hug and a kiss. We gave her some chocolate. My Dad ate some of the chocolate! I gave her a bath bomb.

By Frances

Mothers Day

On Mothers Day we went for a scooter ride boom! Me and David had a race. For breakfast we had pancakes. I gave Mum chocolate.

By Aaron


When I’m sick my Mum looks after me really good and I play with my cars. It is good.

By Taran

Mother’s Day

In the morning I gave my Mum chocolate. In the afternoon we had pizza and fizzy and went to the park. We made her french toast for breakfast.

By Skylah

Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day I gave Mum a pretty dressing gown. She thought it was special.My Mum went to Nana’s and my Mum gave her shoes.

By Dresden

My Mum

I love my mum. My mum loves me so much. My mum is starting to work again. I do not want Mum to go to work ever again. I’m not going to let Mum go to work!

By Harry

My Mum

My mum has blonde hair and has a smile!
She lives in New Zealand. Her hobbie is reading homework with me!

By Morgan

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Nepal Fundraiser

Today Hope School had a 'Dress Up Day' and BBQ to help fund raise money to go towards helping the people in Nepal, who have been devastated by a couple of big earthquakes. It is great to see the children showing empathy and respect towards the people of Nepal. The total as of lunchtime today was $215. Well done Hope School!!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Hedgehog Facts

Katherine brought in her hedgehog (it was a puppet). We wrote some facts about hedgehogs. You should come in and check them out! 


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Four Colours

Miss Shaw needed our help. She had 8 multilink cubes. She had 2 red ones, 2 yellow, 2 green and 2 blue. She wanted to fit them together to make a cube so that each colour showed on each of the faces. Some clever children in our class helped to solve her problem!

Discovery Week 4

Discovery Fun from Hope School on Vimeo.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wyatt's Bunny Archie

Wyatt brought along his bunny Archie. Archie is also a Flemish Giant like Evangeline's rabbit. Archie is about a year old and is still not fully grown. He lives in a hutch which they have to move regularly as Archie eats lots of grass. He also eats vegetables and pellets. Thank you Wyatt for sharing your friend Archie with us.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Evangeline's Rabbit Humphrey

Evangeline brought her friend Humphrey to school today. He is a Flemish Giant Rabbit. Her dad got Humphrey from Animal Farm and he is still a baby! Evangeline feeds him carrots, celery tops and rabbit pellets. He felt really soft when we patted him. 

Sunday, 3 May 2015