Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Ms Shaw put daffodils in dye. The yellow changed to red as hot as lava. The other colours changed to green as fresh as grass and also the yellow changed to a colour as blue as the sky.

By Jimmy

Colour Daffodils

Ms Shaw picked daffodils from the garden, then she dipped them in dye. They turned the colour of the dye. The dye sprouted upwards into the stalk. The red ones looked as bright as lava, and the blue ones were as light as the sea.
By Gavin

The daffodils were yellow, now some are as blue as the sky. Some daffodils are red.

By Wyatt

The Daffodils

When I came in the class I saw the daffodils. I saw the daffodils were like rainbows. I sniffed the daffodils. The flowers were smelling very nice. The flowers smelt like honey.

By Evangeline

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