Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Working Together on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 15 June 2014



At discovery I built cups up and Bella, Jasleigh and Reuben helped me. The cups were getting wobbly. Crash!  Bang! We laughed.

By Sari


I swept to the stacking cups. When the tower collapsed I fixed it. It was finished.

By Reuben

Discovery Time

I was stacking the cups high on the table. Everyone was stacking the cups up on the table. Everyone was doing teamwork.

By Angus


I have a ball that I made and it has three balloons. It is squishy and my heart exploded like dust when I got it finished. It was fun!

By Christian


At discovery I made a swirly, whirly, crunchy, wunchy sack. It was amazing, I almost squealed and it went boom, crash, bang. Bella took a picture of me I was shocked. Then I flew to the marble painting.

By Mya