Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Cross Country 2017

Today we had our Hope School cross country at Rabbit Island. Everyone put in an amazing effort and should be very proud of themselves. Check out some of our photos below.

Cross Country 2017 from Hope School on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Coiling with Playdough

Coils with Play dough from Hope School on Vimeo.

Large ball skills with Bryony

Sculptures in Discovery

This term for art we are learning about sculptures. We did a range of different sculpture activities during discovery. We talked about how our imaginations are our only limitations.

Sculptures in Discovery from Hope School on Vimeo.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Discovery with Richmond Kindy

We had so much fun when Richmond Kindy came to visit. We started off with some singing and then Richmond Kindy shared Jiggle Jam with us. After this we broke off and went to the discovery activities. The year 6 buddies were awesome and helped the children from Room 3, Room 4 and Richmond Kindy with the activities. After Discovery we had some morning tea together and then Richmond Kindy left. We loved being able to share a little bit of what makes Hope School special.

Discovery with Richmond Kindy from Hope School on Vimeo.


Matilda brought her wee chick Hatchimal to school. She was very cute and like to cheep. She was fluffy but is starting to grow feathers. We were lucky and got to have a wee hold with her.

New Teaching Table

We have got a new teaching table in our class. We love that we can write on it to help our learning in reading, writing and maths.

Experimenting with Tools

This week as part of our sculpture unit we experimented with different tools we can use when working with play dough or clay.

K.O.S - Secrets and Tricks

In our last session with Constable Charlotte Donaldson we learned about secrets and tricks. We did some role plays where Charlotte tried to be sneaky and trick us or get us to keep a secret and we had to practice what we needed to do. We needed to say "no" and make sure we told an adult we trust quickly.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Character Descriptions

The Fox

I saw a fox. He was orange and white. He had a black nose and eyes.

By Paige

The Snake

The snake looks like a worm.

By Jonathan

The Mouse

This is mouse. His favourite food is acorns. Mouse has big floppy ears and a skinny thin tail. This small mouse lives in a cottage. He is so tiny he is smaller than a cupcake. He has little beady eyes and fluffy body. Mouse has little whiskers smaller than a pinkie. This mouse isn’t any ordinary mouse, this mouse can stand up and walk around! Beware of this terrifying fellow, or he will scare you away!

By Leah

The Mouse

In a dark forest where an itty-bitty mouse as brown as can be. He had a long tail. His tail was bare, he had no fur on his tail and his tail was skinny. He had floppy ears. The mouse was very, very small.

By Lincoln

The Fox

In the spooky forest, there lived a fox and it lives under a tree in the dirty deep ground. He is fiery orange and has a bushy tail with white at the end of his tail. He has long sharp whiskers.

By Zeb

The Fox

The fox has bushy tail. The fox has ears like a crown. The fox body is bright as can be. If the Gruffalo ate the fox he would have fox crumble. The foxy eyes are like a nightmare because they are all black.

By Hannah

The Owl

The owl’s colour is dark brown and white with spots and not just ordinary spots, black spots. The eyes are brighter than the sun so that it can see in the dark, dark. It is very important so they can see in the dark. If the fox roasted the owl and made owl ice cream it would be nice to eat. The wings are very pointy. It lives on a tree in the dark spooky wood. The owl has big giant eyes.

By Matilda

The Owl

The owl flied up sky.

By Jaxon

The Owl

Owl has spiky little, little feathers. And he has big wings like a giant. He loves tricking people and loves sleeping. He has ginormous eyes.

By Edie

The Fox

The fox lives in an underground house. He has whiskers which are as long as fur, his tail is bushy and hot. His fur is orange and bright. He even has bright yellow fur and white. He eats meat. He saw a mouse and the moue looked good. He is tough but not tough enough. He has a sense of smell.

By Logan

The Fox

Fox lives in a deep hole. He has a busy tail. Foxes favourite game is catching mouse. His whiskers are as sharp as a sword.

By Edward

The Mouse

This is mouse. Mouse has big floppy ears like an elephant. He has a wiggly tail like a snake. The mouse has a fluffy caramel body. This mouse isn’t an ordinary mouse, this mouse is very brave. Be aware of this terrifying creature even though he is small!

By Audrey

The Mouse

Mouse lives in a house. He has a mouse tail. Mouse has big floppy ears like wings.

By Hahn

The Owl

The owl lives in a leafy hollow as the top of the trees. The owl has big beady eyes. Its favourite thing to do is swooping around. The owl has soft little feathers. The owl has a pointy beak. If the Gruffalo ate the owl he would have owl ice cream.

By Anna

The Fox

The fox is very soft and scary, it is scary! The fox is cute and naughty and the fox said “Would you like dinner with me?” 
“No way”
The fox eats meat.

By Stella

The Mouse

The mouse is yellow.

By Destiny

The Snake

Snake has black eyes like the night sky. The snake is longer than a person too! He will gulp you in one second! He will go fast so you better run!

By Samuel

The Snake

The snake was nice to mouse. It slithered like a worm but it wasn’t slimy.

By Navarah

The Owl

Owl was in a forest. He looks like an owl. He has white on his eyes.

By Zoe

The Snake

Snake lives in the spooky deep dark forest. Snake is wiggly like a worm. Snake is light grey with light brown spots on him.

By Alex

The Fox

The fox’s fur is as orange as the hot heated sun. He has eyes as black as the dark sky. He’s got a bushy tail, it makes him very hot in the heated sun. The tip of his tail is as white as a snow flake. The fox’s paws are like snow. The fox lives in an underground tunnel.

By Eva

Reworking Our Writing

As a class we reworked (edited) this character description of the owl from the Gruffalo story. We shared our stars and wishes for the piece of writing. The green writing and lines are our stars (what we liked) and the blue writing and lines are our wishes.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Today we had the first of 2 sessions with Constable Charlotte Donaldson. Her focus today was touch. We learned about different types of touch - touch we like, touch that hurts and we want to stop, and confusing touch that we want to stop. We practiced what we would do if we were confused or angry about the touch.

"STOP IT, I DON"T LIKE IT" - Walk away - Tell an adult we trust.